About Us

Your hosts are Frank and Lisa Stahl.

A little about your hosts: Frank is a native of Ohio coming from a long line of farmers in the Midwest. Growing up in Westerville, Ohio, Frank had the desire to design and build his own log cabin and that’s just what he did. Frank has provided the labor and creativity behind the farms and maintains them daily. Lisa is from Tennessee and joined Frank in 2013. She brings her Southern hospitality to the business, her eye for design, maintains the cabins, handles the reservations, and meets the guests when they arrive. She also helps Frank with the daily chores on the farms.

We really are a working farm, owning a total of 250 acres of the Appalachian foothills on three separate farms. We have a herd of about 25 registered shorthorn cattle, which we raise for meat production. We also have a herd of over 100 registered Katahdin sheep - a unique breed of hair sheep. They shed their winter wool rather than needing to be sheared.

General Farm Information:
Our farm program is based on Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) with all livestock being fed primarily grass and hay. Our fields are rotationally grazed with pasture sizes as required to maintain proper weight gains in all the animals. Grass, especially when managed properly, is an abundant natural resource in central Ohio. We take advantage of season and compatibility of the animals to get the most efficient usage of our grass- keeping cows and sheep together most of the time. Varying plant type, taste and length preferences of the animals allow them to eat companionably side by side without competition. In addition, the cows and horses provide natural predator protection to the much more vulnerable sheep. While this method of herd management is labor intensive, it is ecologically sound and has a higher potential for profit.